Professional Business Email

Have you had Business Email?

Are you running your Professional Business? Then you must convert your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email into your professional business email.

What makes it different? Is it compulsory? I would strongly suggest ‘Yes it’s compulsory. Practically, your business email acts as your business identity while you start conversation with your client.

To start with professional business email, you must have your domain name register. Additionally, you need an email server to send & receive email.

Business Email Sent
Need help with Business Email?

Where can we help?

 In most of the cases, whenever we start working on Website Design project, we include the business email with in that service. Additionally, if your business require professional business email account set-up, we can help you with that.

Business Email can be used with three different protocols; POP3, IMAP or Exchange depending upon the budget & requirement. We strongly recommend to use EXCHANGE protocol to secure your email data.

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