Business Email for Domain

Win the trust of your clients with professional email address. Create as much mailing list as much your business need such as

Why should you have business email access

Business email is created to build a professional image & increase the credibility of your company. Once you registered a domain name for your Business, you must essentially adopt your business email address. Its easy & simple for you and your employees to schedule themselves on it. It is so crucial because it makes you & your business memorable in your clients & customers inbox.


There are various platforms which makes your business email to run on. Firstly, Webhost comes up with a free ‘Webmail’ service which enpowers you to create business email and run on it. Generally, Webmail service is free of cost all the times and can be utilised to start up the business. PoP & IMAP helps to redirect email from its server to your device which makes its service reliable to use. 

On the other hand, Exchange server comes with its vitally usable service. The growing businesses are recommended to use exchange server for their email purpose. Gmail & Office 365 are universally used to catchup business email & other mutual related services such as contacts, shared calenders anywhere.

With exPYTHON, you will be served with the plans of Office 365 and the reasons are various. You can choose a plan with the scalibility & usuage of your business. The other services comes with it are:

  • Online MS Office access
  • Cloud Service
  • Skype
  • Yammer
  • MS Team
  • Exchange Online Protection and so on

Gmail/Yahoo/Webmail to office 365

If you have a mind to switch from your current email server to Office 365, Yes we can help you out with that. We understand how important is your email backup & we do it very well. With exPYTHON you will be catered with all our professionalism & skills to make you comfortable with it. 

Webmail vs Outlook

Basically, Webmail & Outlook comes with their own differences. Some of the well know differences & Similarities are mentioned below:

Mail SystemPOP3, IMAPPOP3, IMAP, Exchange
Ease of AccessComplicatedReliable
SMTP speedGreatSlow
Users Review5/1010/10

The mentioned data is collected on the behalf of our clients & users that how they evaluate the service.

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