Website Designing Tactics


It is very obvious to observe a common error while working on the web project, that is its Planning. Such an error keep repeating itself during the whole project until its done. Therefore, a proper plan is an important milestone before start working on a Website Designing. exPYTHON would proudly like to share about the steps we follow to make a good plan.

First of All, SWOT Analysis is the base of our Planning & eventually it strengthen the core of our Project. Basically, SWOT Analysis is all about the

Strength– to get power,

Weakness– to get rid off, 

Opportunity– to get what we can

Threat– to be aware of

We listen you what are the Goals to achieve, further our professionals start work on it. We categorise the work to place it in WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) which minimise the number of breakdowns & Errors. We stock the resources to apply, implement the perfect condition & design up a prototype. Our efforts are appreciable from the client point of view & the hard work comes through our result.


Resources for Designing or Developing a website vary from demand of a customer. Generally, there are very usual components which are necessary such as a web domain & a web host and rest is the Development – Integration technique & Creativity skill. To cover up the Website Development portion, HTML & CSS are the building block of every Website page running on Internet. Further, if Website Designing is the need of work, then Photoshop, Illustrator, Responsive themes, CMS, Plugins & Tools and so on are the first choice to pick up.

For eCommerce Website, the resourcing is a bit different because it needs an integration of both Development & Designing. The basic resources for it are; Woocommerce or Shopify, Payment gateways installation, Product Designing tools and etc.

Web Designing

Designing for a Website is the major responsibility for a Designer because at the end this needs to be clever. Plenty of decisions, number of combinations run in the mind to get a perfect design for a Brand; as instance which font, which hex color code, whether this image is appropriate, what should be at footer place and so on. 

exPYTHON helps our client to get an immaculate design which stands out different. We make design by hand, not on pre-build themes or templates. We can customise the design as per the demand of customer form each and every corner of display.

Compose Content

Website Content is as crucial as Design because this becomes the backbone of the website at the end. Content needs to be easy readable to next person & must be valuable enough. The message your business convey should be all about this.

Even, when you move your decision to SEO or Digital Marketing, your Website Content is the food of every search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. With exPYTHON, we will serve you with our professional Web Content writing skill because this really matters.

Content Management System

When it comes to Content Management System (CMS), no one can beat WordPress & just the reasons are its usability & smoothness. WordPress rules over 29% of website all over the Internet with its all credibility. Why WordPress is so famous? it gives easiness and user-friendly touch to the client after hand over the website. 

Majorly, exPYTHON works on WordPress to get good score from every criteria. But if you are specially design lover, you won’t miss the art of Adobe Muse. Muse is basically used to get special graphical design which can be build independently or with the integration if WordPress. 

Hosting + Domain

Web Domain & Web Hosting are the primary needs to build up a website. Let us explain, if something is “” it is a Domain & to build up a website where your domain will be parked that will be a Web Host. Generally, web hosting service is known from a word ‘cPanel’ which is an entry gate where all the back end of your website including Email, SSL, CDN, Databases etc run all together. Domain & Web hosting, both are the subscription services which needs to be paid every year (mostly). 

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