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A website of a any business is its heart. It is primary factor need of any business while business is in the market. Not only its gives online presence and identity to a business, but also your clients first visit it. At exPYTHON, we design quality Website Design in Melbourne which makes us unique. Our Website Designs are mobile friendly and responsive as the size of screen, it automatically fits itself.

We put more efforts in designing such a website which eventually can help our customer business and boost revenue. More than anything, we are specialised in providing  world class quality and premium website design.

Our beautiful websites making skill makes your business successful.

Responsive Website Design for Tablet and Mobile Devices
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Our Planning before starting a project

It is very obvious to observe a common error while working on the website project, where there is Planning matters. Such an error keep repeating itself during the whole project until its done. Therefore, a proper plan is an important tool of optiisation before start working on a Website Designing. exPYTHON would proudly like to share about the steps we follow to make a good plan.

SWOT Analysis is the base of our Planning & eventually it strengthen the core of our Project. Basically, SWOT Analysis is all about the

Strength– to get power,

Weakness– to get rid off, 

Opportunity– to get what we can

Threat– to be aware of

Resources for Designing or Developing a website vary from demand of a customer. Generally, there are very usual components which are necessary such as a web domain & a web host and rest is the Development, Integration technique & Creativity skill. To cover up the Website Development portion, HTML & CSS are the building block of every Website page running on Internet. Further, if Website Designing is the need of work, then Photoshop, Illustrator, Responsive themes, CMS, Plugins & Tools and so on are the first choice to pick up.

For eCommerce Website, the resourcing is a bit different because it needs an integration of both Development & Designing with advancement. The basic resources for a eCommerce website are; Woo-commerce or Shopify, Payment gateways installation, Product Designing tools and etc.

Domain & Hosting are the primary needs to build up a website. Let us explain, if something is “www.yourbusiness.com” it is a Domain & to build up a website where your domain will be parked that will be a Hosting (Server). Generally, cPanel operates all the necessary operations such as phpmyadmin, databases, email account, domain etc. Domain & Web hosting, both are the subscription services which needs to be paid every period of time.

There are various vendors available in the market which provides shared to dedicated hosting plans, so first of all we optimise the budget and need of client and then we suggest them a best option. Cloud Hosting is a good option for an eCommerce business website.

For Domain registration, there are few registrars available such as Godaddy, Crazy Domain, NameCheap etc.

Designing for a Website is the major responsibility for a Designer because at the end this is what matters. Plenty of decisions, number of combinations run in the mind to get a perfect design for a Brand; as instance which font, which hex color code, whether this image is appropriate, what should be at footer place and so on. 

exPYTHON helps our client to get an immaculate design which stands out different. We make design by hand, not on pre-build themes or templates. We can customise the design as per the demand of customer form each and every corner of display.

When it comes to Content Management System (CMS), no one can beat WordPress & the reasons are its usability & smoothness. WordPress rules over more than 29% of website all over the Internet. Why WordPress is so famous? it gives easiness and user-friendly touch to the client after hand over the website. 

Majorly, exPYTHON works on WordPress to get good score from every criteria. But if you are specially design lover, you won’t miss the art of Adobe Muse. Muse is basically used to get special graphical design which can be build independently or with the integration of WordPress.

There are various pre-build tools available in the market when we go with WordPress Website Development. This given in dependency and programming code free website to our clients. Later on, they can change the things by self. 

Content is king. Website Content is as crucial as Design because this becomes the backbone of the website at the end. Content needs to be easy readable & SEO Friendly. The message your business convey should be all in the content with all other aspects coverage. Even, when you move your decision to SEO or Digital Marketing, your Website Content is the food of every search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. With exPYTHON, we will serve you with our professional Web Content writing skill because this really matters.

Whenever we write content for any website, first of all we make a good research on our competitors because this practically helps us to rank business in higher position. Keyword Planning is as important as any other skill of Website Designing. There are various tools to check the keyword efficiency in local and selected area. Ask us for more detail.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design

While a business is in the market, Business Website is the first identity which represents the business. A website has a potential to make any visitor to a permanent customer. In present time, websites are opened on mobile devices more than 50% as compare to tablet & PC. Therefore, a responsive design is mandatory for any business website. Assume visitor comes to website and trying to zoom in to visit the page, old menu sometimes doesn’t work, website layout is not fitting to the screen, its an enough excuse to bounce a visitor back to your competitor website. This definitely retard your business ranking and diminish credibility.

If you check any of our done project, all the websites are mobile friendly which resize itself as the device change its size.  We can help you to get the best out of best website design for your own business with all the considered metrics.


  • Concept Development
  • Design Strategy Planning
  • Keyword & Content Planning
  • eCommerce Webbsite Design
  • Mobile + Tablet Website Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • HTML/PSD to WordPress

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