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eCommerce Website Platform for Web shop by exPYTHON

eCommerce Website Platform is a good option for sellers to integrate their business with the online world. eComerce websites have unlimited access to buy, purchase & sell goods and escalate revenue in business. exPYTHON offers great opportunity to kick-start your business online & increase producitivy. It is a good way for seller to improve their bottom line & eleveate up their business brand.

exPYTHON makes you understand by brief explanation about the needs to startup a Web Store &  how it works.

Things to cover

Need an eCommerce Plan

1. What to sell?

Initiation starts with a good plan, the product or service you going to offer must be clearly vivid for you. Researching more about the product and services you going to sell during this step is crucial.

2. Visible Target Market

Products must be the demand of Audience, therefore have a good research in the market whether product is effective enough to sell? Some free tools such as Google adwords can provide you data about the searched keywords by public for their needy product.

3. Online Store Policies

Policy & Terms of Service is mandatory for your eCommerce webstore such as Product Return policy from purchaser, Refund Policy, Phone Policy, Payment Gateways Fees, Additional Services Charges, Internation Shipping Coverage.

Being a good Seller, it is also mandatory to count up the stock, what if a cutomer order an item which is unavailable? Should there be involvement of third party vendors?  These important precautions help you during your running business and we recommend it.

Integrate it Online

1. Web Store + Website Package

A Domain & Web hosting is first step to run any website. exPYTHON offers you Various Website Packages to choose suitable for you & you can add up a Web Store there additionally. Your domain & Sub-domain must reflect your business identity, which users can find it easily. 

2. SEO

The quality of any Web Platform comes forward with the first google search result. SEO is modern trend to Advertise your business in the market. exPYTHON provides you this service to boom your business fame in the local market.

3. Payment Gateways

When starting any business, a new bank account is a smart step to take. Payment gateways are the methods how user pay money during purchase. Well, Paypal Standard offers easy services to deal online transictions. But to accept Credit card, there is a need of move on to a Merchant Account. Ther are various options to open up a  Merchant Account and integrate to your Web Store.

4. SSL Certificate

To encrypt parts of your website to collect sensitive information (Credit Card Details, CVV) form end user, you need a SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate helps to prevent Scammers away from snoofing the important collected data such as credit card detail, personal address. Even, Direct transiction from a credit card needs an SSL Certificate on Website, otherwise Payment Gateways refuse to collect money.

5. Analytics & Insight

Keep an eye on every person enter in your Web Store. Especially, Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Web Store Packages

Mentioned Services & Pricing is only for setting up a Web store. Website Packages are apart from this Service. We will recomend you to choose Website Pack + Web Store Pack, or have a chat with us.

For any uncategorised service, Our normal charges are $20 per hour. Minimum charges are $50 per arrival.

All the prices are in AUD (include GST). Please read more about our additional services; Renewal of package