Web Development & Designing Cost

Web Development to its Designing is fundamentally necessary to build up a Responsive Website & the process how we work on it is so adaptive & genuine. Whereas, Development gives a strongest base to run at backend, and similarly Designing makes its that much creative from the front end view. At exPYTHON, we customise the design, rather than using buildup templates in Website Packages Service. We gurrantee your result will pop up with a unique standard as a customised identity. As well, we are well professionals to integrate the plugins and tools for a better outcome. As per our working experience, it came to know that Web Designing or Development is a propotional combination of 4 main things as listed;


Design Skill

Tech Skill


Furthermore, a website is an identity of your Business rather than a simple pagelink opens in a browser. Our websites are built using integration of HTML & WordPress, which is worldwidely accepted CMS & event up with SEO Friendly URLs. Normally, our websites covers the first page position of every search engine; Google, Yahoo, Bing. Moreover, exPYTHON also offers other marketing tactics to apply for your business & advertise it online…read more about SEO

Website Packages & Web Development by exPYTHON

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Domain Name Registration

Have you still regitered a domain name for your business? if no do it now. A domain name is an online identical format of your Business Address in the Internet World. We help our customers to choose a quality domain name & registrar. Normally, Price of domains are fixed but sometimes it changes according to demand. Some of the famous Top Level domain(TLD) & their price list is as follow:

.com$11.99 per year
.net$16.99 per year
.org$9.99 per year
.xyz$1.28 per year
.co$16.99 per year
.eu$7.77 per year

except that, the famous TLD in Australia ends with.au, which is first preference of our every client. As per registrar, there is a slight difference in price for Domain ends with .au;

.com.auABN Required$16.99 per year
.net.auABN Required$16.99 per year
.edu.au ABN Required$41.25 per year
.org.auABN Required$16.99 per year

There are some other famous fancy TLD are;


if you are an official or Gov. body & want to register a  .gov.au Domain name, the policy,procedure & price is different. For more, please fill up the Contact Form


Webhost is the platform where all the backend work of your website run. Therefore, choosing a right webhost is mandatory to get good results. We offers our customers a wide range of webhosting packages. Generally, Shared hosting package is the first option to startup with Small Scale Business Website but we recommend for Cloud Hosting for various reasons. We have two categories to serve you webhosting services:

 Plan 1Plan 2
Setup Price$50$50
Price$10.95 per month$16.95 per month
Domain parkSingleUnlimited
Private IPYes

These plans run on Shared Web Hosting Services.

It is a good idea to start with Basic Sharing Web Hosting plans. When your business grows upto a certain level and website conducts an excess amount of traffic, we recommend you to proceed to Cloud,VPS or Dedicated Webhosting Plan. To know more about price and detail of Cloud, VPS & Dedicated plan, send us a request form, we will reach back to you.

Business Email

Take control over your inbox with your company domain name & send it yo your clients. To get Business Email, you must have your domain name registered & a web hosting service (optional). Manually, we would help you to get access to your Business Email address, select one among these plans;

 Plan 1Plan 2
Setup price$50$50
Price per monthfreestarting from $2.60
mail providerwebmailMS Office 365-Outlook
Free SubscriptionfreeFor 1 month

Website Designing

The most time consuming step to build up a site is its ‘DESIGNING’. It creates a virtual image of your Business functionality & its services. With exPYTHON, you will get a unique design for your website. We have our own design to draw up for you or if you have something in your mind, we can create it as well. We work according to the need of clients to serve better, Our service charges are $20 per hour & Minimum charges are $50 per arrival. For more give us a brief message about your need, we can discuss more about that.

Design needs to be effective enough to attract users to spend time on it. Therefore, we design ultimate output  for our customers which ends up with a meaningful creativity.

exPYTHON Build


Once website is up & running on internet, it always need an update time to time. Otherwise, the bad comes soon, there are number of bugs & system errors which always need to clean for smooth running website. Randomly, attackers nag the whole system & trying to hack your private information. exPYTHON works in this field as well. As we cater our services on WordPress CMS, we are ready to maintain your website & update it timely. Our cost is flexible for site maintenance, our services starts from $20 per hours & minimum charges are $50 per arrival.

Price$200 per month
Maintenance period4 times
Coverage fieldsWebsite update, Domain redirection checkup, Webhost checkup, Cpanel checkup, Backups, Email mail server checkup, Traffic report, Insight,.


Nowadays, every business has to think about how much they need to spend on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our SEO services are the integration of SEO tools & Internet marketing. Basically, SEO has become a mandatory function of a business marketing & advertising it online. exPYTHON shows our best attempts to list your business online which make it appear publically & at the end it helps to elevate your Business growth. We have different packages for SEO / Internet Marketing / Social Media Marketing which are starting from monthly cost of $200. We ensure you that your business will always remains in the top list. Our plans vary according to your need and business advertisement budget because SEO is like an ocean depth with no certain end. Say us hello and we will have a brief discussion about SEO, because this is the final step of whole process & it is so important.

“The more you spend on SEO, the more you will escalate up”

Website Packages

These are the basic plans which randomly prefered by every client. You can choose a full package service or you may customise byself and share idea with us.

For any uncategorised service, Our normal charges are $20 per hour. Minimum charges are $50 per arrival.

All the prices are in AUD (include GST). Please read more about our additional services; Renewal of packageeCommerce website.